More than a toy

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Enjoy the most complete selection of jigsaw puzzles!

Making Puzzles is one of the hobbies that, since childhood, lets us develop an area more than we are used to use. For instance, if we are right-handed, we occupy more the left hemisphere of our brain. When we make puzzles, we will use both hemispheres and, subsequently, we will help our right hemisphere to develop, which will make our skills grow.

Making puzzles has an influence over the development of skills and capacities such as: mobility, laterality, dexterity, socialization, language, affection, self-esteem, and many others. This recreational activity allows having some linking with others, settling an affective relation and making the child feel good with himself. At the same time, it raises the players' self-esteem, when they successfully complete their Puzzle.

Another advantage of Puzzles is that they have a wide range of styles and topics, which can be used to teach new knowledge to children and kids, such as: the human body, the alphabet, the numbers, the animals, or historic, artistic, socio-cultural and environmental knowledge.

Making Puzzles is not only good for kids, but also for adults, since it develops a large portion of our brain, which turns this activity into the best defense of mental faculties against memory loss, Alzheimer, and senile dementia.

So, keep your mind working: become a puzzle addict!