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Enjoy the most complete selection of jigsaw puzzles!

The oldest puzzle

The puzzle considered to be the oldest puzzle ever was the one which John Spilsbury, a cartographer from London, made around 1760. Spilsbury glued one of his maps on a wooden table and then cut it down to pieces with the shapes of countries. He intended to introduce an easy and amusing way of learning geography.

The tiniest puzzle

The concept of size referring to a puzzle is quite relative; since a puzzle can be considered little or big depending on many factors: total dimensions, number of pieces, pieces dimensions, etc.

For its total dimensions, we can consider than the tiniest puzzle is made of wood and measures 6.55 x 5.5 cm. It was manufactured in Sweden. The Guinness World Records of 1984 consider that the most difficult puzzle has 99 pieces and measures 7.75 x 5.7 cm.

EDUCA manufactured the tiniest 1000 pieces puzzle: it measures 46 x 30cm.

The biggest puzzle

According to the Guinness World Records, the biggest puzzle was made in France some years ago. Its measurements were 4783m▓ and it was made of 43,924 pieces. Another was the puzzle made in Holland on 1991: it had 204.484 pieces and measured 95.25m▓.

In 2007, EDUCA« has exceeded itself once more and surprised even the most demanding puzzle fans with the launch of the world's biggest puzzle consisting of no more and no less than 24,000 pieces. This enormous puzzle called Life. measures 428 x 157 cm once completed.

Distinguished people keen on puzzles

The British Royal Family has always been very keen on puzzles. Since the Queen Victory (1819-1901), who described in her diary that one of the most pleasant nights she had had in many years was a night she spent making puzzles with Lord Melbourne and Lord Conyngham, up to the current Queen Elizabeth. According to the Times newspaper, the favorite Puzzles of the Queen are those which feature her pets: horses and dogs.